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Place of Origin: Shanghai China

Brand Name: LB

Model Number: LBF-FBK001

Certification: ISO9001 ISO14001


Shell made of GFRP
Face Mask made of PC (Polycarbonate)

Specification: 279×249×259 (mm)
Light transmittance of face mask ≥85%
Thickness of face mask = 2mm



1. Anti-permeability, anti-hitting, penetrating resistant and flame resistant.

2. The face mask has the performances of anti-fogging, wearing resistant and anti-hitting.

3. The connection way of neck protection and helmet body is disassembly style.

Components: shell, cushioning layer, wearing device, face mask, neck protection

It is a necessary safty appliance for police and riot squad to deal with sudden occurrences, suppress the gangsters, riots and besieges.

It effectively resists the attack from the stabbing, club or brick-attacking and chemical liquid and minimize physical injuries.

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